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Aarnadhya’s Pickles

Pickles have always elicited a warm, nostalgic response from anyone dipping their fingers in a pickle jar to taste. The smell of mangoes drying on the terrace, the pungent spices being ground, that ubiquitous pickle jar absorbing the Indian sun and, grandma’s instructions to not to touch the jar till the mangoes have softened are stories we all share. At Aarnadhya we ensure that feeling stays intact. Pickles that not just adhere to the traditional recipes but use ingredients that are strictly authentic and organic.

Organically Grown Home-Made Pickle

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Our Special Blend's of Pickles

Right from the spices to the cold pressed mustard oil, everything you taste in Aarnadhya’s pickles is organically grown at our farm and made with love. Pair them with the food of your choice and indulge in the goodness of a home-made pickle.

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Amazing Qualities


All inhouse grown ingredients are used.

Chemical free

No chemicals are added.

No added Colours

No colours are added.

100% Organic

Our pickles are manufactured using only natural ingredients & contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

No Preservatives

No preservatives used.

Traditional Recipes

100% Organic ingredients and 100% Organic process of production.

What impressed me the most was the freshness and quality of the ingredients used. The raw mangoes were perfectly aged, and the onions maintained their crunch, creating a delightful texture in every spoonful. The blend of spices was just right, enhancing the overall taste without overpowering the natural flavors of the mango and onion.

Sneha (Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh)

As someone who loves experimenting with flavors, I was delighted to discover how versatile this Mango Onion Pickle is. It complements everything from rice and roti to sandwiches and grilled meats. It has quickly become a staple in my kitchen, adding that extra flavour to every meal.

Sunil Rathore (Agra - Uttar Pradesh )

I have never been a fan of pickles. Market pickles are very strong, pungent smell, preservatives, colours and overpowering taste just did not appeal to me. I’ve given them multiple chances, trying different types and brands, but when I tried Aarnadhya’s onion mango pickle I became fan of this “kya swad kya khusbu maza aa jata hai khaa kar”. Everyone should try atleast once you will forget everything believe me.

Sandhya (Gwalior - Madhya Pradesh)

As a pickle lover, I have tried both flavours plain mango and onion mango and both are very delicious yummy! and I must say that there is nothing quite like a good this Aarnadhya’s homemade pickle.

Nikita Rajput (Delhi)

I absolutely love this Onion Mango pickle by Aarnadhya ! They are the perfect balance of tangy and little spicy. They add an amazing flavor to lunch, dinner, or even enjoyed on their own as a snack. My personal favorite is Onion & Mango pickle.

Neha Singh (Jaipur Rajasthan)

Onion Mango Pickle is awesome. Now ordered to Plain Mango pickle.

Nipun Verma (Dabra - Madya Pradesh)

इनके शुद्ध सरसों के तेल के साथ जो देशी मसालों की खुशबू आती है वो लाजवाब है। मेरी मां को बहुत पसंद है इनका अचार। प्याज और कच्चे आम का अचार हमने पहली बार खाया बहुत बढ़िया स्वाद है। मजा आ गया। हमने अभी 2 जार और ऑर्डर किए हैं आम प्याज वाले अचार के।

अभिषेक ( इंदौर - मध्यप्रदेश)

आज तक इतना स्वादिष्ट अचार नहीं खाया। मेरे बच्चों को भी बहुत पसंद है।

साधना सिंह (जयपुर - राजस्थान)

As a pickle enthusiast, I can confidently say that these are some of the best pickles I’ve ever had. The quality and taste are consistently impressive.

Nidhi Ranawat (Jhalawar - Rajasthan)

Taste and quality is very good and packaging are very good “The packaging of glass jar keeps these pickles fresh. They retain their quality even after being stored for a while. Definitely my go-to brand.

Samrat Dey (Gurgaon - Haryana)

I was pleasantly surprised by the unique blend of spices used in these pickles. They are unlike any I’ve tasted before. A burst of flavor in every bite.

Deboshree (Kolkata - West Bangal)

These pickles have the right balance of flavors. Not too sour, not too salty. They are great as a side or even just as a snack. I can’t get enough of them!

Kaushik Roy (Shillong Asam)

I absolutely love the aroma of Desi spices and mouth watering texture of these pickles. They add the perfect zing to my Daal Chawal and Plain Parathas. Highly recommended!

Sandhya Singh (Noida - Uttar Pradesh)
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